Urzila Carlson brings ‘Loser’ tour to NZ this May

South African-born comedian Urzila Carlson is bringing her ‘Loser‘ tour to New Zealand, hitting Auckland and Wellington this May.

The quick-witted stand-up will be performing as part of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival this fall. After making her debut in 2008, Urzila is now making regular appearances at Three’s hit comedy panel show ‘7 Days’. She’s racked up an impressive array of awards including Best Female Comedian at the 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 NZ Comedy Guild Awards, as well as Three’s coveted People’s Choice Award two years in a row at the NZ International Comedy Festival. This year, Urzila goes on tour to share a piece of her mind about being a loser, taking it on a lighter note.

“Loser is almost always negative… I’ve lost my keys, a relative, my mind, money, dignity… it’s only positive when you lose some weight. Why? If you meet someone awesome would you not want there to be more of them? Why can your friends not see your fatness but your family and doctor can see nothing but your fatness? Why is losing so hard? The truth is, we’re all losers in some form and at some point, the worst thing will happen. Our rock bottom. Are you prepared? Get ready losers, let’s tackle our failures, what’s the worst that can happen?” – Urzila Carlson

Urzila’s quick-witted nature made her a familiar face in the comedy circuit. With her innate talent, she became a sought-after act both as a stand-up performer and an MC. After breaking into the scene, she has had 5 sold out seasons at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and television appearances while being a celebrated journalist in between.

Urzila Carlson regularly sells out her live shows in NZ so book your tickets fast or you’ll be a loser!

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