Tommy Tiernan Returns To New Zealand In 2016

Tommy Tiernan will return for a national tour in April 2016 heading to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

Now entering his 20th year as a stand up comedian, having won every award going and still as passionate as ever about the adventure of storytelling and comedy, Irelands number one comedian is also starting to take some very exciting risks. There’s no manners on him, profound, dark, and silly too, his performance mesmerises in a way that is joyful, uplifting, inspirational and most importantly, always breathtakingly funny.

There is something zeitgeisty about Tommy. He taps in to the wider consciousness and manages to express what some people feel deeply but might not have an opportunity to express themselves while always retaining his great charm and roguishness that allows him to say things others just couldn’t get away with.   

Tommy Tiernan last toured New Zealand in 2013 with his “Stray Sod Tour” in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. In 2011, Tiernan toured “Designer Wino” with shows in Auckland and Wellington. In 2010, Tiernan performed at the SkyCity Theatre his “Crooked Man Tour“.

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