Tali and Georgie Fisher Are Out On Their Summer Tour

Singer-songwriters Tali and Georgie Fisher are out and bout for a summer New Zealand tour, travelling across the country for 10 dates in January and February 2016. The tour will see these two dynamic women taking to the stage as co-headliners, with Georgie on her acoustic guitar and Tali triggering beats on the keys.

What can you tell us about the story of how you guys decided to team up and tour together?
Georgie: Tali and I met through a mutual friend in Berlin when Tali was there on tour. We got along straight away, we have a mutual understanding and appreciation for each other’s music. This is borne from the fact that my musical roots started in electronic music, specifically drum n bass, trip hop, and dub. Now I’m an acoustic singer songwriter, It’s interesting because Tali’s journey was the opposite, she started out playing piano and singing, performing on the streets, and then discovered drum n bass later on.

How have rehearsals been going for the tour?
G: Really well! We have a similar taste in music. We both have deep husky voices that harmonise really well. It’s great to be exploring each other’s music.

Is there a particular city or venue you are most excited about playing?
G: We’re excited about the whole tour! We get to travel around New Zealand in the middle of summer, what more could you want?

What can we expect from these shows?
Tali: Both of us have albums out that we are going to be showcasing. My album Wolves which came out last year in April, and Georgie’s Big City Howl, released in September 2015. I am also premiering two new tracks and a cheeky cover which Georgie will be joining me on. Crowds can expect lots of soulful tracks with attitude and a definite storytelling vibe from us both.

Will you guys plan to continue working with each other after the tour is over?
T: Yes for sure! I am heading to Europe in June to work with Georgie and hopefully tour alongside her and her live band. Georgie is also part of a collective called Wunderfrauen (Wonder Woman) which consists of five Female artists who throw events aimed at celebrating Females within the arts. This is not too dissimilar to the work I do here inNz with Women in Electronic Music so I am looking forward to heading to Berlin and hopefully collaborating with these ladies in some shape or form. 


Don’t miss out on this amazing night!

Wellington – Wednesday 27 January
Kaikoura – Thursday 28 January
Christchurch – Friday 29 January
Wanaka – Saturday 30 January
Dunedin – Sunday 31 January


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