Shaolin Warriors Returns To New Zealand

Direct from China, the legendary Shaolin Warriors will return to New Zealand, punching, kicking and tumbling in a spectacular, dynamic new production.

They will perform at the St James Theatre in Wellington from 31 August to 4 September, and the ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, Auckland from 7 to 11 September.

Over the last 16 years, the Shaolin Warriors have become a worldwide sensation, playing to sell-out audiences and standing ovations wherever they have performed – from North America to the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Shaolin Warriors is more than a Kung-fu show; it’s a traditional strength through adversity story. Featuring 22 Kung Fu Masters, this breathtaking, fully choreographed show vividly illustrates the agility and miraculous physical endurance these warriors achieve through rigorous martial arts training and focused Buddhist mediation. The show follows the journey from a young child’s initiation into the monastery, to achieving fully-fledged warrior status through diligent training and study.

Shaolin Warriors has had audiences around the world gasping in disbelief at their awe-inspiring demonstrations of hypnotic and death-defying feats. From balancing on sharp metal spears to smashing marble slabs with their heads, from the troupe’s incredible synchronization to their proficiency with 18 dangerous traditional weapons, the Shaolin Warriors will amaze audiences beyond the boundaries of their own belief.

Presenter and CEO of Lunchbox Theatrical Productions, James Cundall, says “We are thrilled to be bringing this truly extraordinary show back to New Zealand. It is wonderful to see families of all ages transfixed by the mystical beauty of the Shaolin performance and thrilled by the warriors’ amazing feats of strength and endurance.”

The Shaolin performers train in martial arts for several hours every day, perfecting the art of hand-to-hand and weapons combat. Each performer is required to achieve an extraordinarily high level of proficiency in each of the traditional weapons, and to become a master of one. However it is the daily practice of seated meditation which enables the individual performer to sustain a demanding physical regimen. Through a practice known as Ch’an (Chinese for Zen), they calm the body and focus the mind to a state of complete mental absorption, enabling them to sustain extreme physical discomfort and pain which in turn enables them to undergo the intense daily training required to achieve and maintain the level of adeptness for which they are so highly praised.

The Shaolin Warriors last performed in Auckland and Wellington in May 2005. 

Supported by stunning scenery, atmospheric music, spectacular lighting and costumes, Shaolin Warriors is the ultimate display of theatre and deadly physical prowess, and a “must-see” for adults and children alike.

“Agility, grace and showmanship.” The Washington Post

“Rip-roaring entertainment with a dab of spiritual enlightenment” The West Australian

“… the whole show leaves you amazed and breathless.” Nottingham Post

“…left the spellbound audience on their feet clapping and shouting for more.” Combat Magazine, UK


Season Details
Wellington – St James Theatre – 31 August – 4 September 2016
Auckland – ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre – 7 – 11 September 2016



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