Parkway Drive – All Aussie Adventure Tour

Parkway Drive must have loved their fans so much that they let them choose a name for their Australian East Coast Regional tour. So why the fans? Winston says, “Honestly, we we’re just kind of stuck for names. We could have called it anything, but we figured if that was the case we may as well let our fans throw some names at us”.

After sifting through hundreds of entries and hours of deliberating, All Aussie Adventure Tour by Justin Fimmel emerged as the winner. “We had so many great entries. Many hours of laughs, which was what we were hoping for. We ended up going with “All Aussie Adventure” because it fit the tour for all the bands playing, Parkway, Make Them Suffer and the local bands at every stop. Plus we all love Russell Coight so that gave the entry the winning edge”, says Winston.

The All Aussie Adventure Tour officially kicks off in Cairns, heading down the East Coast going to Townsville, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. Then the tour will stop by Gold Coast, Bateau Bay, Penrith, Wollongong and Sutherland. The band will also hit Wodonga, Bendigo, Geelong and finally Melbourne.

Winston says the band is eager to hit the road and revisit all the places they haven’t seen in a long time. “The last time we did a regional run was over three years ago I think, which is far too long. We’re stoked to be finally coming back to these towns that we haven’t seen in so long. We have amazing memories of many, many, many wild shows, plus its always great to see how things have grown and changed with time and see the local musical talent that has sprung up since we’ve been away”.

The Parkway Drive will be supported by Make Them Suffer across all shows.

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