Paper Kites – Midnight Tour

Watch out as Aussie dream-folksters, The Paper Kites stage an amazing musical rebellion off the back the release of their most aesthetically pleasing video yet for their hazy heartwarmer, Renegade, directed by the renowned Dan Huiting (Bon Iver).

The Paper Kites are set to take siege on music venues in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Their all-nighter album, twelvefour found huge success, landing at #8 on ARIA album and #1 on ARIA Australian album chart. The Paper Kites are thrilled to complete their Midnight video trilogy of late-night stories with the nostalgic, Renegade. Also including ethereal videos for two other tracks off the album, Electric Indigo and Revelator Eyes, the trilogy portrays stories arising between the hours of 12 and 4am; different cities, different people, but all taking place within this transient timeframe.

Renegade’s theme follows a gang of kids who break into an aquatic cinema, La Cinequatic, in the early hours of the morning. Taking inspiration for the video trilogy from imaginary places and those late-night hours, lead singer Sam Bentley says, “It’s been really cool actually seeing these places on screen in the videos and people watching and asking us where they can find them – I think the idea was to create places that we would love to go to”. The vibrant concept was brought to life by director Dan Huiting and his team, alongside a real-life gang of kids as the video’s cast. Bentley enthuses, “He has such a great team (Joseph McMahon, Harry Reynolds) and they all just tackle every challenge with such enthusiasm… he knew a local skate crew of young kids that he wanted to use for the video – it worked out perfectly”.

Fusing the relationship between music and film, the Midnight tour is set to be an immersive experience unlike any other, a journey through the midnight hours, as Bentley describes, “We perform the music and behind us are a group of apartment windows. Through the windows, a series of stories play out in the lives of different people…we provide the soundtrack to a single night, the audience watching through the dim lit windows and seeing these stories progress, eventually fading to darkness”.

The Paper Kites are Sam Bentley, Christina Lacy, David Powys, Josh Bentley and Sam Rasmussen.

Don’t miss out these theatrical performances for they will definitel leave you wanting for more, till the wee hours.

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