Montecristo Comedy Fest Starts Today! Please Meet Kade & Jeremy!

Watch out Auckland because the Montecristo Comedy Fest starts today! We had a pleasure to interview the stars of the show “You, Me & O.C.D.“, please meet Kade and Jeremy!

What inspired us to make a personal show?
We decided to write this show because we knew it would come along so naturally. We wanted to teach people that it’s not all bad and show them the good sides of O.C.D. It’s such a relatable show as everyone has O.C.D to some degree, and we wanted to help people realise that. We wanted to show people the funny side of it and how it can be used to your advantage.

How have audiences responded so far?
Well, we sold put our season last year in Wellington and have just finished the showdown in Christchurch. We didn’t expect it to go as well as it did, people are loving it. They tell us after the show about the little things they do and how much they identified with so much of the show. It’s great to see people talking about it and learning for themselves. We are really happy with that and just want to perform it for as many people as we can!

Magic in the show?
Yes! There is magic in the show. Jeremy is the current NZ Champion of Parlour Magic (performing magic for a group of people larger than 40, but not big stage illusions. That’s stage magic) so the tricks are to a very high standard. It’s not always obvious when a trick is happening, sometimes it is disguised as something else. Sometimes it’s easier to tell when the magic is happening, and we use that to give examples of how O.C.D effects different people.

What shows are we looking forward to?
There are so many!
Alexis Dubis: A Bl**dy Brief History of Swearing
Brendhan Lovegrove: The Wild Blue Yonder
Brendon Green: Eggs and Ham
David Correos: Second Place Winner
Frickin Dangerous Bro: G.O.A.T
Harley Breen: Smell the Penguins
Jesse Griffin: Sex with Horses
Jim Jeffries
Lords of Strut: Chaos
Marcel Lucont: Marcel Lucont’s Whine List
Nish Kumar: Back With a New Show
And lots more!

Three words to describe our show?
Whimsical, off the cuff and storytelling.


Tickets are selling fast and you should not miss the festival! This event is part of the 2016 NZ International Comedy Festival powered by Flick Electric Co., running from 22 April – 15 May.

The Montecristo will offer up a range of solo shows from current and past Fred and Billy T Award winners and nominees, some amazing international guests and a full programme shows to suit every comedy lover’s taste. There will also be something to literally taste with Toto’s serving up their famous pizza and not one but three bars in operation.

Comedians are at the helm for this season; the Montecristo combines all the things that we as comics love about festival venues: top quality solo shows, an innovative and exciting late night line-up of comics from the Montecristo and around the festival, prizes, special food and drink deals, ticket offers… and more.

To get the latest on all the comedy shows on offer, info about the Fest, access to competitions and special deals, head to comedyfestival.co.nz.

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