Facts the Internet Hasn’t Told You About Youtube Star Andrea Russett

An inspiration and idol for a wide range of digital audiences, 20-year-old Andrea Russett is making a comedic mark in the Youtube community. A busy life of filming videos for her channel GETTOxFABxFOREVER didn’t stop us from grabbing an interview with her, and in doing so, we’ve made a list of seven awesome things that you probably didn’t know about Youtube sensation, Andrea Russett:

1. She has interviewed One Direction

Andrea’s first job was as a Radio DJ back in her hometown, Indiana. The radio station gave her a time-slot and she had the chance to interview artists ‒ the most exciting one for her was interviewing One Direction. “Crazy right? That was like the coolest first job ever,” she exclaimed in our interview.

2. Her career started with filming an audition video

Andrea started uploading videos back in 2008, but before that, she auditioned for an online video-making competition to meet Justin Bieber. It started mostly out of boredom and was edited using iMovie. There’s a lot of free time back then when iPhone apps weren’t around.

“My hometown was really small so I didn’t have any other things to do other than just be in front of the computer.”

She didn’t win, but video did go viral.

3. She gets inspiration for her videos from… almost everything

“There are definitely days that I’m just out of ideas. But I think what motivates me is knowing that there are so many viewers that really enjoy my videos. I don’t really want to let them down or keep them waiting so I try to do it for them.”

When we asked about Andrea’s secret to making videos enjoyable for viewers, she said that being genuine is key.

“Be yourself and don’t try to fit this role of what you think the ‘perfect Youtuber’ should be because people wanna watch genuine people – and you can tell when someone is not genuine and is just doing it to get views.”

4. She’s a big fan of Jenna Marbles

Andrea admitted that she really loves watching Jenna Marbles’ videos. “She comes up with the craziest, the most random stuff, and it’s always enjoyable to watch!” Jenna, like Andrea, uploads comedic films and vlogs on Youtube.

5. She plays the piano

Being a girl who is constantly performing gigs, Andrea finds peace in playing the piano. “Not a lot people know that. I’m not the greatest at it… I can play two songs and I just love it. I find it really relaxing.”

6. She will happily give up chocolate over Social Media

She can go a year without chocolate, but wouldn’t survive a year without social media. This is a no-brainer for Andrea, whose career revolves around her Youtube channel and her social media accounts. Us on the other-hand… it’s a scary thought!

7. She’s starring in movie with *drum roll* Zac Efron to be released soon after #AmplifyLIVE 2016

Andrea will be heading back to the US and will be focusing on her acting abilities. Andrea revealed to us that she’s been involved with lots of auditions as of late, and is starring in the movie ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’ with the very handsome (and buff!) Zac Effron.

“That was like, the first big thing I’ve done so I’m really, really excited for that to come out!”


Andrea is currently in Australia with headline shows in the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth before heading to New Zealand for the upcoming event #AmplifyLIVE 2016. The event is a gathering of the Internet’s biggest and brightest music and social media talents bringing you live performances and one-on-one interviews this April. We’ll be tuned in to catch Andrea and many others at #AmplifyLIVE 2016.

Thanks for the sneaky 7 Andrea, Eventfinda is certainly a fan!

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