Dallas Crane – Scoundrels Album Tour

Almost 20 years on from their first shows Dallas Crane have not only become lauded constituents of the Australian rock ‘n roll scene, but a trend-proof mainstay that continues to exhilarate audiences wherever they bloody well set foot!

Some used to call them, ‘Australia’s hardest working band’, playing their guts out to anyone who’d listen, in which most cases was a packed out pub anywhere around Australia. They gave everything every time you saw them; no microphone left un-scolded, no denim jacket left un-soaked and no audience left anything other than completely satisfied with what they had just witnessed for the last hour and a bit. Even You Am I’s Tim Rogers had them down as his favourite band, immortalising them in their song ‘Who Put The Devil In You?’

So doing what Dallas Crane do best, the band will hit the road in 2016 for a series of shows around the country in support of their brand new album ‘Scoundrels’, performing in Geelong, Lorne, Warrnambool, Ballarat Central, Sydney, Ballarat Central, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Brisbane, San Remo, Melbourne, Hobart and Launceston.

Marking their first full-length album in 9 years, Dallas Crane make a stellar homecoming with their long awaited rousing new release, ‘Scoundrels’. Regrouping at Melbourne’s Hothouse Audio in 2014, the band began recording what has become arguably their most impressive and formidable ten-song masterwork to date, and an album that showcases a new level of sophistication in the band’s songwriting, not slowing in vitality or intrigue until the very last note.

“Gentlemen, where on Earth have you been?” – STACK Magazine

“It was worth the wait!” – The Music

“Scoundrels is intelligent, bluesy, mature and unpredictable.” – Rolling Stone

‘Scoundrels’ rounds up some of the band’s finest work with songs like the blistering lead single ‘The Sunnyside’ and ‘Disillusioned’ proving just how gloriously majestic two guitars can be in front of a driving rhythm section, while Dave Larkin’s ‘Come To Light ‘and ‘The Good Times’ demonstrate the band is far from done with it’s penchant for the splendid epic, and guitarist/singer Pete Satchell adds his own gentler touch on the compelling and beautiful ‘Lucky Me.’

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