Artist Highlight: Amistat Drop New Single ‘The Coward’ Plus Hitting The East Coast This December

Sure enough, Jan and Josef Prasil did not hear “Amistad” in the The Fray’s “You Found Me” lyrics for no reason at all. Who would ever thought that from this simple word—which means “friendship” in Catalan—a partnership would spring up that would give it a deeper connotation—brotherly harmonies and angelic melodies.

Jan and Josef found their passion for music at such a young age. “I started with a guitar when I was six, while Josef started singing at 10. At 16, I started singing so when we turned 16, that was when we got into harmonising,” recalled Jan when asked how did they start doing music together. Their sound was further developed when they made the bold move of leaving their hometown in Germany and migrate to Melbourne instead. That’s when ‘Amistat’ was formed.

The year 2012 saw the twins starting out from scratch, busking on Melbourne’s busy Bourke Street to survive. Surely, most people would think the experience was daunting but the the twins thought otherwise. In fact, they describe it “exciting”. “The first 1 and a half year was amazing. The weather was nice. It might sound really scary, but when you dive into it, it seems like it all starts working right for you,” shared Jan.

Interestingly, it was not only music that brought the twins Down Under. “Our first time here was in 2011. Josef fell in love with a girl from Melbourne. He eventually wanted to settle here. I realised I wanted to do music with him so I decided to move also to Australia… plus our father is from Sydney”, revealed Jan about their brave decision.

Talking about brevity, the duo have just released a new single called ‘The Coward’ last 10 November. Uplifting, stirring and inspiring—these are the only words that will come to mind upon hearing the song. With its courageous lyrics, soaring instrumentation and the twin’s vocal harmonies, it is sure to push you in fighting for who you are, what you want and what you believe in. “I wrote it a year ago. Last year, we went really low, especially with our music. Life was difficult. That’s when I sat down,” said Jan about writing the song. “I want to show myself to the world. It’s ok to be scared.” The track is accompanied by a single-shot music video that’s equal parts melancholic and moving.

In support of the single and video release, the twins are ending the year with an East Coast tour. Be sure to catch them in Melbourne, Newcastle, Canberra, Sydney, Byron Bay and Brisbane this December. Apart from these dates, they will also be playing Queensland’s Woodford Folk Festival.

They will be joined by two other members, Ryan Oliver (Piano/Percussion) and Julian Swinnerton (Cello), making them a four-piece touring band. Even then, the twin’s unique and powerful connection remains inviolable that even a teasing question just becomes an engine for a stream of praises. “There’s not a better twin. There’s a lot of good things in him (Josef). His weaknesses are my strengths and my weaknesses are his strengths,” answered Jan when asked who is the better twin.

And as Amistat continue to fight for their passion of creating good music, Jan leaves a piece of advice to fans: “I truly believe that we have to start our own happiness which is going to create a totally different energy. Follow your dreams even if that means you’re not going to have much money.”

Kudos to you, Amistat! You’re definitely worth a follow.

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